Papers on early visual coding.


Note: Publications before late 2002 were published under name "Zhaoping Li (i.e., Li Z.)", and those after were published under name "Li Zhaoping (i.e., Zhaoping L.)". In order to avoid database errors and confusions, please cite each paper with its published author name.

  • May, K.A.and Zhaoping, L. (2019) Face perception inherits low-level binocular adaptation Journal of Vision, 19(7):7. doi: 10.1167/19.7.7.

    May K.A. and Zhaoping L. (2016) Efficient Coding Theory Predicts a Tilt Aftereffect from Viewing Untilted Patterns Current Biology, 26(12): 1571--1576.

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    Zhaoping L. (2014) A teaching seminar on efficient coding in early vision based on parts of chapter 3 of of the textbook Understanding Vision: theory, models, and data" , Oxford University Press.

  • May K.A., Zhaoping L. and Hibbard P. B. (2012) Perceived direction of motion determined by adaptation to static binocular images, Current Biology, 22:28-32, also see news and views by Fred Kingdom Binocular Vision: the eyes add and substract

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  • Lewis A. Garcia R. and Zhaoping L. (2003) The distribution of visual objects on the retina: connecting eye movements and cone distributions. Journal of Vision 3(11), article 21,, doi:10.1167/3.11.21

  • >

    Lewis A. Garcia R. and Zhaoping L. Understanding cone distribution from saccadic dynamics. Is information rate maximized? Neurocomputing, 58-60 (2004) 807-813. Abstract

  • L. Zhaoping (2002)
    Optimal Sensory Encoding or postscript version
    This is a review paper published in The Handbook of Brain Theory and Neural Networks: page 815-819, The Second Edition. Michael A. Arbib, Editor MIT Press 2002

  • Chen D. and Li Z. (1997)
    A psychophysical experiment to test the efficient stereo coding theory or postscript version
    Published in Theoretical aspects of neural computation K.M. Wong, I. King, and D.Y. Yeung (eds), page 225-235, Springer-verlag January 1998

  • Li Z. (1996)
    A theory of the visual motion coding in the primary visual cortex or postscript version
    Published in Neural Computation vol. 8, no.4, p705-30, May, 1996 [abstract]

  • Li Z. (1994)
    Understanding ocular dominance development from binocular input statistics or postscript version
    Published in The neurobiology of computation (Proceeding of computational neuroscience conference 1994) p. 397-402. Ed. J. Bower, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1995. [abstract]

  • Li Z and Atick JJ (1994)
    Efficient stereo coding in the multiscale representation or postscript version
    Published in Network Computations in neural systems Vol.5 157-174. [abstract]

  • Li Z. and Atick JJ (1994)
    Towards a theory of striate cortex or postscript version
    Published in Neural Computation Vol.6, p. 127-146. [abstract]

  • Atick JJ, Li Z. and Redlich A.N. Redlich (1992)
    What does post-adaptation color appearance reveal about cortical color representation?
    Published in Vision Research Vol.33 p. 123-129 (1993) figures [abstract]
  • Li Z. Different retinal ganglion cells have different functional goals. Published in International Journal of Neural Systems, Vol. 3, No. 3, (1992), p237-248. Abstract

    Atick JJ, Li Z. and Redlich AN (1992) Understanding Retinal Color Coding from First Principles. Published in Neural Computation, 4, 559-572, (1992). Abstract

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    On statistics of natural scenes:

    Petrov Y. and Zhaoping L. (2003) Local correlations, information redundancy, and the sufficient pixel depth in natural images. Published in Journal of Optical Society of America A. Vol. 20. No. 1, p56-66 2003 [abstract]