I am recruiting department/group members at various levels and for various roles: student, postdoc, research assistant, technician, scientist, and secretary. Please get in touch if you think your interest and skills are suitable.

When you get in contact, you should describe your background, include a CV and other helpful information about yourself. To demonstrate your interests and suitability in our works, you need to use concrete statements rather than unspecific (and unhelpful) statements such as "I am very interested in your research". Hence, it is best that you first read some of our papers/book to see whether our research topics and styles are of interests to your skill sets and your training needs, and then describe in concrete terms to demonstrate your knowledge of, and your suitability for, what we do, and why you are interested. It is also helpful to describe the kinds of projects that you would like to do and how/why they relate to our research program.

For general information about my research interest, please go to my personal website