Bringing brain-computer interfaces from the lab environment into the homes of patients and consumers requires three components:

  1. Cloud-based realtime signal processing and machine learning that generalises across large datasets
  2. Low-cost, wireless EEG hardware with sufficient signal quality for scientific and clinical purposes
  3. User-friendly, cross-platform software applications to make the system directly accessible to endusers.

Tackling this challenge may be the key to enabling robust communication and control for patients, and breaking the limitations of current research in terms of sample size and longitudinal data. With this workshop we aim to bring experts from both inside and outside the BCI community together to inspire future work that will allow us to overcome existing boundaries, both in research and in clinical practice.

Challenges and opportunities of home-use systems for big data collection


09:00 09:15 Introduction
09:15 10:00 Keynote: QUSP (Tim Mullen)
10:00 10:15 Coffee Break
10:15 11:00 Keynote: Brainwavebank (Brian Murphy)
11:00 12:00 Demonstrations with Coffee
12:00 13:30 Lunch
13:30 14:15 The MOABB Project
14:15 14:30 Coffee Break
14:30 16:00 Panel Discussion: Stepping outside the lab