Database with cause-effect pairs


This is a growing database with different data for testing causal detection algorithms. The goal here is to distinguish between cause and effect. We searched for data sets with known ground truth. However, we do not guarantee that all provided ground truths are correct. The datafiles are .txt-files and contain two variables, one is the cause and the other the effect. For every example there exists a description file where you can find the ground truth and how the data was derived.

Note that not always the first column is the cause and the second the effect. This is indicated in a meta-data file. Please look at README for further explanations. We also suggest a weighting factor for some pairs which a very similar if you want to calculate the overall performance.

To get all data files at once download all data as a zip file.

Note: pair0001 - pair0041 were taken from the UCI Machine Learning Repository, so if you use these data sets please refer to their webpage. Here you will find their citation policy.
If you have any comments, questions or suggestions for additional data sets, please contact Jakob Zscheischler
Data Description
pair0001.txt pair0001_des.txt
pair0002.txt pair0002_des.txt
pair0003.txt pair0003_des.txt
pair0004.txt pair0004_des.txt
pair0005.txt pair0005_des.txt
pair0006.txt pair0006_des.txt
pair0007.txt pair0007_des.txt
pair0008.txt pair0008_des.txt
pair0009.txt pair0009_des.txt
pair0010.txt pair0010_des.txt
pair0011.txt pair0011_des.txt
pair0012.txt pair0012_des.txt
pair0013.txt pair0013_des.txt
pair0014.txt pair0014_des.txt
pair0015.txt pair0015_des.txt
pair0016.txt pair0016_des.txt
pair0017.txt pair0017_des.txt
pair0018.txt pair0018_des.txt
pair0019.txt pair0019_des.txt
pair0020.txt pair0020_des.txt
pair0021.txt pair0021_des.txt
pair0022.txt pair0022_des.txt
pair0023.txt pair0023_des.txt
pair0024.txt pair0024_des.txt
pair0025.txt pair0025_des.txt
pair0026.txt pair0026_des.txt
pair0027.txt pair0027_des.txt
pair0028.txt pair0028_des.txt
pair0029.txt pair0029_des.txt
pair0030.txt pair0030_des.txt
pair0031.txt pair0031_des.txt
pair0032.txt pair0032_des.txt
pair0033.txt pair0033_des.txt
pair0034.txt pair0034_des.txt
pair0035.txt pair0035_des.txt
pair0036.txt pair0036_des.txt
pair0037.txt pair0037_des.txt
pair0038.txt pair0038_des.txt
pair0039.txt pair0039_des.txt
pair0040.txt pair0040_des.txt
pair0041.txt pair0041_des.txt
pair0042.txt pair0042_des.txt
pair0043.txt pair0043_des.txt
pair0044.txt pair0044_des.txt
pair0045.txt pair0045_des.txt
pair0046.txt pair0046_des.txt
pair0047.txt pair0047_des.txt
pair0048.txt pair0048_des.txt
pair0049.txt pair0049_des.txt
pair0050.txt pair0050_des.txt
pair0051.txt pair0051_des.txt
pair0052.txt pair0052_des.txt
pair0053.txt pair0053_des.txt
pair0054.txt pair0054_des.txt
pair0055.txt pair0055_des.txt
pair0056.txt pair0056_des.txt
pair0057.txt pair0057_des.txt
pair0058.txt pair0058_des.txt
pair0059.txt pair0059_des.txt
pair0060.txt pair0060_des.txt
pair0061.txt pair0061_des.txt
pair0062.txt pair0062_des.txt
pair0063.txt pair0063_des.txt
pair0064.txt pair0064_des.txt
pair0065.txt pair0065_des.txt
pair0066.txt pair0066_des.txt
pair0067.txt pair0067_des.txt
pair0068.txt pair0068_des.txt
pair0069.txt pair0069_des.txt
pair0070.txt pair0070_des.txt
pair0071.txt pair0071_des.txt
pair0072.txt pair0072_des.txt
pair0073.txt pair0073_des.txt
pair0074.txt pair0074_des.txt
pair0075.txt pair0075_des.txt
pair0076.txt pair0076_des.txt
pair0077.txt pair0077_des.txt
pair0078.txt pair0078_des.txt
pair0079.txt pair0079_des.txt
pair0080.txt pair0080_des.txt
pair0081.txt pair0081_des.txt
pair0082.txt pair0082_des.txt
pair0083.txt pair0083_des.txt
pair0084.txt pair0084_des.txt
pair0085.txt pair0085_des.txt
pair0086.txt pair0086_des.txt